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合同编号/Contract number


K GROUP (UK HOLDINGS) LTD Travel Agreement

甲方/ Party A:K Traveling Limited
联系地址/ Address: The Coach House, 44 Harlington Road West, Feltham,
U.K.    TW14 0JJ
联系电话/Contact number:0044-02036014508 邮箱/
Bank Name: Lloyds
Account Name: K TRAVELING LIMITED Sort Code: 30-94-42
Account Number: 31553762

*This contract applies to AUNG CHAUFFEUR SERVICES UK LTD, a subsidiary

of K Group
Account Name: Aung Chauffeur Services UK Ltd Sort Code : 400623
Account Number: 71626930

乙方/Party B:

邮箱/ Email:

Party B shall voluntarily participate in the travel activities organized by Party A.  Party B has read, understood and accepted the outline of the travel plan and the relevant contents, precautions and the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement. The two parties shall sign this agreement through friendly negotiation.

1.    Travel agreement

Party B voluntarily chooses to participate in the travel activities organized by Party A

行程日期/Itinerary Date:





The fee is    per person

顾客在报名参加K Group Ltd组织的英国境内、出境旅游或用车服务时,需全额支付旅游出行团费。
Clients are required to pay the full fee when signing up for K Group's UK in-UK,outbound& Tours Transfer Services.

2.    该费用包括
This fee include:


Vehicle transportation expenses: all transportation listed mentioned in the itinerary;
* Tour guide’ s working time is 10 hours per day, and the overtime fee is
£30 per hour;The fee should be paid by Party B additionally in case of overtime.

Accommodation and standards specified in the itinerary; For tour groups in the UK, please refer to star hotels with breakfast. For specific arrangements, please refer to the registered itinerary.


Meals specified in the itinerary (excluding wine and water) : meals included in the itinerary;If the client fails to participate in any project due to personal reasons, it will be regarded as a voluntary waiver. We do not need to refund any money or make any compensation

Other expenses arranged in the itinerary include any activities or projects; If there are projects ordered by our company in advance, please confirm the project cost with our company in advance;

Tour guide service fee (excluding tips) and other service fees of our company.

Tips for tour guide and driver: Tips fee will be included in part of the tour fee, and guests do not need to pay any more. Please confirm with our company in advance;
* Note: The tips in the UK is £3 / person/day, the total tip standard is not less

than £20 per day; Please refer to the itinerary and confirm with us in advance;


3.    不包含以下费用
This fee does not include:

(一)费用不包含未在行程中提及办理的任何签证费用,我司可提供签证服务, 请提前和我司沟通;
The fee does not include any visa fee not mentioned in the itinerary. Our company can provide visa service, please communicate with our company in advance;

Party B’s travel and medical insurance;

The client's own expenses are required in the trip and meal fee;

Expenses not agreed in the contract to be paid by our company (including but not limited to expenses required for activities other than the itinerary and expenses incurred during the free arrangement of activities);

Tips for tour guide and driver (included in Specific itinerary, please refer to itinerary details;

Personal expenses incurred by customers during the trip, including but not limited to non-free food and beverage expenses on transportation, excess baggage expenses, laundry, telephone, beverage and alcohol  expenses  during the stay, personal entertainment expenses, medical expenses for personal injuries and illnesses, expenses and remuneration for recovering personal lost items, compensation expenses caused by personal reasons, etc;

Entry and exit fees and surcharges: entry and exit fees, fuel surcharges, excess baggage fees, customs taxes, etc.;

(八)单间差:单独或组合报团人数为单数的旅客,要求独自使用 1 个双人标准间之附加费;
Single room additional fee: For an odd number of passengers alone or in combination, a single double standard room is required.


The Company reserves the right to increase the tour rate before departure due to the increase of costs due to foreign currency fluctuations, fuel, transportation, hotel, etc.


Party A’s rights and obligations

Party A’s rights:
Party A has the right to verify the information provided by Party B.

Part A has the right to direct Party B to collect all travel expenses in accordance with the agreement.

During the trip, the Party A may take emergency measures in case of emergency; Have the right to adjust the route, vehicle, hotel, tour guide and all other related resources in order to optimize the arrangement.

Party A’s obligations:
Party A shall provide Party B with a travel plan itinerary, including the specific content and time of the travel project, transportation, etc., before signing the agreement.

Party A shall make necessary reminders and security guarantees throughout the travel activities to ensure the personal and property safety of Party B members. If Party B loses property or personal injury due to accident or force majeure, Party A shall cooperate with the insurance company in a timely manner in accordance with the principle of diligence and conscientiousness.

Party A shall obtain the permission of Party B to assist Party B in booking hotels, attraction tickets and other fee not included in the agreement. If due to some uncontrollable reasons of both parties, such as the tickets have been sold out, Party A shall not take any responsibility or compensation.

During the tour the Party A shall not violate the contract, force arrange customers' shopping or participating in self-financed projects.


Party B’s rights and obligations

Party B’s rights:

Party B has the right to request Party A to provide information such as travel plans and itinerary, and has the right to ask Party A to inform about accommodation, catering, transportation, etc.

(二)乙方有权要求甲方按照协议约定安排行程并协调处理相关事宜。 Party B has the right to request Party A to arrange the itinerary according to the agreement and coordinate the handling of related matters.

Party B’s obligations:


Party B shall ensure its members’ mental and physical health. If any member of Party B has serious diseases, infectious diseases, allergic history, mental illness which are not appropriate to participate in travel and Party A should be informed when signing the agreement. If Party B knows that any member of Party B experiences the above situation and still insists on traveling and causing damage to the personal or property of Party B or a third party, Party B shall bear full liability for compensation.

Party B needs to guarantee that the information provided is true.

Party B must purchase the travel insurance before departure.

A person under the age of 18 should travel with his or her father, mother or guardian over the age of 18. Otherwise, the parent, mother or guardian over the age of 18 must sign a "confirmation" to participate in the tour and must have valid comprehensive travel insurance. If travelers aged 70 or above must have valid comprehensive travel insurance and should be accompanied

by at least one person aged under 70.

During the free activities of Party B during the travel process, the Client shall choose the activities within the risk scope under his control according to his personal situation, and be responsible for his personal and property safety.

Party B must be on time when the group departs every day. If Party B is late for more than 15 minutes, tourist must arrive and meet the tour guide at the next destination on his or her own; After joining the tour group organized by our company, the client who fails to complete the agreed itinerary with the group due to illness, loss of documents and other objective reasons on the way will be regarded as leaving the group. Our company will not be responsible for any consequences caused by such behavior.


1.    Liability for breach of contract

(一) 甲方违约责任
Party A’s liability for breach of contract


If conditions occurred in which Party A fails to provide services in accordance with the agreement or to arbitrarily change the travel content itinerary (except for force majeure or accidents which affecting the travel itinerary), resulting in reduced tours, shortened travel time or reduced service standards, Party A should actively take measures to remedy; If Party A does not undertake remedial measures or fail to remedy, or more than one-third of team members disagree with remedies, Party A shall be liable for compensation.

(二) 乙方违约责任
Party B’s liability for breach of contract

Loss of personal or property caused by Party B’s breach of contract, self-fault, acts during free time activities or self-inflicted diseases shall be borne by themselves; if losses are caused to Party A or a third party, Party  B shall be liable for compensation.

(三) 任何关于取消、更改、或事件相关事宜
Party B’s liability for any cancellation, alteration or event

如果客户需要修改其报名的行程,我司会尽力配合。如果订制行程的客户想对已经确认的行程进行修改,则必须在行程出发前 7 天(含第7 日)以上以邮件形式通知我司,我司将尽力满足客户的要求,但结果取决于具体情况。如果客户需要在行程出发前 6 天(含第6日)以内修改行程,我司将视客户的修改为取消预定并按照取消预定的条款来处理。该违约责任适用于K Group Limited的接送机,包车,商务包车,旅游团等服务项目*。
If customers need to modify their itinerary, we will try our best to cooperate. If the customer who has ordered the itinerary wants to modify the  confirmed itinerary, he must notify us by email more than 7 days (including the 7th day) before the departure of the itinerary. We will try our best to meet the requirements of the customer, but the result depends on the  specific situation. If the customer needs to modify the itinerary within 6  days (including the 6th day) before departure, our company will treat the customer's modification as cancellation of reservation and deal with it according to the terms of cancellation of reservation.
The liability for breach of contract is applicable to K Group Limited's airport pick-up, Hourly hire service, business VIP service, group tour and other services *.

(四) 英国境内一日游/接送机用车/包车:客户在出发前31日(含第31日)以上要求取消参团的,我司应当在收到通知后的5个工作日内,向客户退还全部旅游费用。出团前30日(含第30日)内要求取消参团的,应当按下


One-day tour/Airport transfer/Customized: If the client requests cancellation of the tour group at least 31 days (including the 31st day) before departure, our company shall refund all travel expenses to the client within 5 working days after receiving the notice. Anyone who requests cancellation of the tour within 30 days (including the 30th day) before the tour departure shall pay business loss to our company according to the following standards:

(五) 英国境内多日游/包车订制:客户在出发前 31日(含第 31 日)以内取消参团的,应当按下列标准向旅行社支付业务损失费:
Multi-day tour/Customized Service: If the customer cancels the group participation within 31 days (including the 31st day) before departure, he shall pay the travel agency a business loss fee according to the following standards:

(六) 英国境外多日游参考(五)的退团标准,因境外涉及因素较多,具体情况根据实际行程进行调整。
For multi-day tours outside the UK, refer to the withdrawal criteria in (5), because there are many factors involved in overseas, the specific situation will be adjusted according to the actual itinerary.

(七) 改签:
Change the tour

出发前31天以上(含第31天),不收取任何改签费用(第二次改签,31 天前需要收取5%手续费);
出发前15-30天(含第30天),本公司收取总团费的10%视为改签费用; 出发前8-14天(含第14天),本公司收取总团费的30%视为改签费用; 出发前0-7天(含第7天),已全部确认车与酒店订位,无法改签,本公司恕不退还您所缴纳的旅游费用
Multi-day tour within the UK/Customized Service/Overseas tour/Overseas Service:
More than 31 days before departure (including the 31st day), no change fee

will be charged (5% will be charged for the second change before 31 days); 15 to 30 days before departure (including the 30th day), 10% of the total tour fee will be charged by the company as the change fee;
8-14 days before departure (including the 14th day), 30% of the total tour fee will be charged as the change fee.
0-7 days prior to departure (including the 7th day), all the confirmed car and hotel reservations can not be changed, the company will not refund your travel fees.

出发前31天以上(含第31天),不收取任何改签费用(第二次改签,31 天前需要收取5%手续费);
出发前15-30天(含第30天),本公司收取总团费的5%视为改签费用; 出发前8-14天(含第14天),本公司收取总团费的25%视为改签费用; 出发前0-7天(含第7天),本公司收取总团费的50%视为改签费用; Rules for rebooking of one-day tours:
More than 31 days before departure (including the 31st day), no rebooking fee will be charged (for the second rebooking, a 5% handling fee will be charged before 31 days);
15-30 days before departure (including the 30th day), the company charges 5% of the total group fare as a rebooking fee;
8-14 days before departure (including the 14th day), the company charges 25% of the total group fare It is regarded as a rebooking fee;
0-7 days before departure (including the 7th day), the company charges 50% of the total group fee as a rebooking fee

2.    Force majeure and accident

The force majeure of this agreement refers to objective situations that cannot be foreseen, avoided or overcome, including events caused by natural and social causes, such as natural disasters, wars, strikes, major infectious epidemics, government actions, etc.
The accident of this agreement means that Party A has made reasonable obligations and still cannot avoid the delay or cancellation of public transportation such as trains and flights involved during the travel due to: bad weather changes, traffic jams, major concierge activities, etc.
If force majeure or accident occurs before the trip, the two parties may cancel the trip or postpone the trip after negotiation. If the cancellation is made, Party A shall refund the remaining remuneration to Party B after deducting the expenses that have occurred and are non-refundable.

3.    Dispute resolution


The conclusion, validity, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.
If a dispute arises during the performance of the agreement, it shall be settled through friendly negotiation between the two parties.

4.    Supplementary

This agreement shall be in duplicate, and each Party shall hold one copy. It shall become effective after Party A and Party B sign it. After the fulfillment of the rights and obligations of the agreement between Party A and Party B, this agreement shall terminate by itself.
If there is any absence of clauses in this agreement, Party A and Party B shall separately sign a supplementary agreement which shall have the same legal effect as this Agreement.
E-mails between Party A and Party B have the same legal effect.

离出发日的时期 When from departure date
收取费用 Charge fee
出发前31天(含31天)31 days before departure (including 31 days)
出发前31天(含31天)31 days before departure (including 31 days)
出发前15-30天(含第30天)15-30 days before departure (including 30 days)
出发前8-14天(含第14天)8-14 days before departure (including 14 days)
离出发日的时期 When from departure date
收取费用 Charge fee
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